A Customized 2-Week Fitness & Nutrition Jump Start Program

Fitness Guru David Kirsch, owner of Madison Square Club, celebrity trainer, author and advocate of mind-body-spirit balance, has gained recognition for his unique approach to physical fitness, good health and spiritual wellness. David, who has been a member of the ‘Extreme Makeover Team’ on ABC’s popular EXTREME MAKEOVER series, and whose star clientele includes Liv Tyler, Faith Hill, Jamie King, Rachel Weisz, Heidi Klum, Bridget Hall and Linda Evangelista, is now offering a new 2-week program.

Based on lessons he details in his recently released book, ‘THE ULTIMATE NEW YORK BODY PLAN: Just 2 Weeks To A Total Transformation,’ David will tailor for clients a 2-week program that can result in losing up to 8% body fat, 12 pounds and 2 dress sizes. The program will cost $7500. The program has a signature New York-style—intense, energized and tough. The Ultimate New York Body Plan would include:

• Personal Training with David Kirsch
• Food: Meals & Snacks for all days
• Supplements
• Consultations
• Before-and-After Measurements

The ‘Ultimate New York Body Plan’ book, out this month through McGraw-Hill Publishers, details no-holds-barred fitness and nutrition regimens that David has specially developed to fit into a modern lifestyle. Even people who claim they simply have no time will have to let go of their excuses, and, with this new program offering, they will be able to incorporate David’s sound advice on how to jumpstart a diet, get ready for a big event, or lose those pesky last few pounds.

David’s Ultimate New York Body Plan 2-week program will integrate his signature ‘ABCDEF’ diet—of no Alcohol, Bread, starchy Carbs, Dairy, Extra Sweets, Fruit or Fats. David will help participants in the program target and tone certain body parts to look slim and sculpted in just two weeks; he will also guide them in how to customize a diet, and how to combine aerobic and fat-burning exercises, cardio-sculpting workouts, and abdominal and upper body workouts in order to burn up to 1500-2000 calories per day.

David’s Ultimate New York Body Plan clients will receive, besides their daily meals and snacks, supplements–which have recently been added to his premier One of A Kind Food line. The Meal Replacement Powder in Protein Plus Vanilla & Chocolate flavors, makes thick shakes that promote healthy weight loss with a low-carb, premium quality natural organic product. The Vitamin/Mineral Powder is an orange-flavored juice dietary supplement that promotes wellness at the cellular level and offers a single-source alternative to vitamin pills.